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7 Social Media Principles to Live By

How do you get the most out of your social media content? Attorney John Mashni will discuss seven social media principles to live by in his presentation for the State Bar of Michigan Paralegal Section titled "The Marketing Lifestyle." The seven principles include:

  1. Ride the Hashtag - Don't Create it
  2. Nobody Knows Anything Without Good Data
  3. Offline to Build Online, Online to Maintain Offline
  4. When the Rules Change the Fastest Learners have a Competitive Advantage
  5. Be Yourself. Unless
  6. Understand the Business Model
  7. Not All Fun and Games

In his presentation, he will also cover topics including social media listening, brand monitoring tools and the risks and rewards of utilizing social media for business.

To view the PowerPoint slides from the presentation, click here. Are you interested in learning more or would you like John to give this presentation to your organization? Contact John at jmashni@fosterswift.com or 517.371.8257.

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John brings a unique perspective to Foster Swift with his practical experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and manager.  He focuses in the areas of business, tax, intellectual property and entertainment.

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