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Lights, Camera, Action: Legal Considerations for the Entertainment Industry

legal considerationsOrganizations within the entertainment industry have a unique set of legal considerations. To better understand these considerations, Attorney John Mashni is presenting an introductory and advanced level course on the "Legal Aspects of a Feature Film," and a course on "The Law of Music" to the NALA Paralegal Association at their annual conference and expo. The NALA annual conference is taking place in Las Vegas July 13 through July 15.

The "Legal Aspects of a Feature Film" course provides an understanding of the lifecycle of an independent feature film from a legal and business perspective. "The Law of Music" course will provide an introduction of the laws governing music, including copyright concepts. Course attendees will receive credit towards certification.

Attorney John Mashni understands the unique considerations of the entertainment industry, as he was the manager of a media department for a large leadership development company prior to earning his law degree. If you are interested in having John present on legal considerations for the entertainment industry for your organization, please contact him at jmashni@fosterswift.com.

Categories: Copyright, Intellectual Property

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