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Showing 2 posts from January 2013.

Michigan’s New Law Protects Online Privacy

online privacyMichigan’s new law, the Internet Privacy Protection Act (IPPA), protects employees, potential employees, students and applicants from giving employers and educators access to their personal social media accounts. Under the new law, accounts such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Twitter are covered. Employers and school administrators can’t discharge, fail to hire or admit or otherwise penalize their current or potential employees or students for refusing their request. Read More ›

Categories: Employment, Privacy

FINRA Issues Voluntary Interim Form for Equity Crowdfunding Portals

On January 10, 2013, FINRA (the Financial Regulatory Authority) issued a voluntary Interim Form for Funding Portals.  Under the JOBS Act, once the SEC adopts its crowdfunding regulations and equity crowdfunding becomes legal in the United States, equity crowdfunding portals will be required to become members of FINRA.  FINRA currently regulates broker-dealers. 

In the meantime, FINRA is requesting confidential information from equity crowdfunding portals that it can use to help it develop the rules it will impose on portal members.  Click here for the FINRA release and link to the form (We have identified that the following link is no longer active, and it has been removed).

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