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Showing 2 posts from July 2012.

Does Apple’s Siri Record and Store Everything You Say?

Picture of Siri on iPhoneMany people love having an application on their iPhone that can convert nearly anything they say into text.  But what does Apple do with what you say to Siri?

Most people are unaware that everything you say to Siri is sent to a data center in North Carolina.  It is sent to Apple in order to convert what you say into text. Read More ›

Categories: Privacy

“Doppelganger Domain” Names Could be Stealing Your E-mails

Are your e-mails going astray? Do customers claim they have sent an e-mail that you didn’t receive or can’t find

It could be that they were never sent or it could be that a “doppelganger domain” name has been set up to steal e-mails that are supposed to be going to you or other employees of your business. Read More ›

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