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AI Legal Issues That Can Impact Your Business

Many businesses are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in a variety of innovative ways to improve productivity and to save time and money. According to a 2023 Forbes article (forbes.com/advisor/business/software/ai-in-business/), 1 in 3 businesses plan to use ChatGPT to write their website content while 97% of business owners believe it will help their business.

Incorporating AI can impact a business's content production, data privacy management and customer support but could there be legal pitfalls you haven’t considered?

The following video features moderator Rob Hamor discussing with fellow business attorneys, Taylor Gast and Lindsey Mead, the legal issues related to AI that could impact businesses and other organizations including:

  • Important background information regarding AI from a legal perspective.
  • How organizations are utilizing AI right now: value, benefits and issues they are running into.
  • Specific laws, regulations, or guidelines that organizations need to be thinking about in order to stay compliant to the use of AI.
  • Key takeaways for businesses wanting to stay on top of AI and integrate it into their practices.

Classification: Employees vs. Independent Contractors in a New EraClick the thumbnail to view the following video. This video is for general information purposes only and is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Individuals viewing this video should consult an attorney prior to taking any action to determine how this information may apply to a specific situation.

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Taylor helps businesses and business owners solve and prevent problems as a member of Foster Swift's Business and Tax practice group. He handles business formation and transactions, tax controversies, employee benefits, and technology related issues.

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