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Minimizing Cybersecurity Risks for Remote Workers

With more employees working remotely for the foreseeable future, a resulting increase in spoofing and other hacking attempts is becoming a very common and real threat. It is imperative for a business to have the proper protection policies and procedures in place.

In the following video, moderated by Patricia Scott, attorneys Taylor Gast and Robert Hamor discuss ways to minimize risk and avoid disaster as more employees work remotely. This video touches on the recent rise in computer hacking attempts, along with a discussion on strategies to protect businesses and employees.

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Minimizing Cybersecurity Risks VideoThis video is for general information purposes only and IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE. If you seek legal counsel or need help in determining how this information applies to a specific situation, contact a Foster Swift business & tax law attorney before taking any action.

Categories: Compliance, Cybersecurity, Digital Assets

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Taylor helps businesses and business owners solve and prevent problems as a member of Foster Swift's Business and Tax practice group. He handles business formation and transactions, tax controversies, employee benefits, and technology related issues.

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 focuses on solving clients’ problems. She does so primarily in the areas of Bankruptcy and Creditor’s Rights, Construction Law, and Contract Disputes, and as a certified Mediator for parties and counsel in these three areas. 

Her practice includes considerable experience ranging from the construction industry to the financial industry, from manufacturing and retail to real estate and agricultural businesses. She welcomes referrals in all industries.

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