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While We Wait for the SEC on Crowdfunding, UK Sees Success

sec on crowdfundingHere in the U.S., we continue to wait for the SEC to issue regulations before we can use investment based crowdfunding under the JOBS Act. In the meantime, investment crowdfunding has been available in the UK for two years.

Crowdcube, a UK based crowdfunding portal, recently released its results after two years of operations:

  • 39 businesses have received equity-based crowdfunding through Crowdcube.
  • £5.3 million worth of investment has been raised by the 39 businesses.
  • 30,239 investors are registered on the Crowdcube platform; 22% have invested more than once.
  • Of the businesses receiving funding through Crowdcube: 31% have been start-ups; 40% have been early stage businesses; and 29% have been growth businesses.

For those here in the U.S. who think crowdfunding can’t work, the UK is proving them wrong!

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