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Why Public WiFi is a Health Hazard

In the age of the mobile device, public WiFi is something that most of us will regularly use; whether in a coffee shop getting some extra work done or just waiting in an office area. The risks of this "free" commodity, however, are coming in faster than security specialists can deal with them.

For very little money and without much sophistication, a hacker can buy a connecting device and go into a place that has public WiFi. This device kicks people off of their current connection and then impersonates the WiFi network so that every person's device reconnects to the "decoy." The hacker now has access to everything that every user on that network is viewing on their respective devices.  

Even using the network in a seemingly secure setting such as a hotel is not 100 percent safe, causing companies to update their policies on using work devices on public networks. Foster Swift Business attorney John Mashni recently appeared on the Michigan Business Network podcast segment, Bottom Line I.T. with Mike Maddox, to address the risks of public WiFi. 

Click here to listen to the full podcast, or select track number five "Here’s Why Public WiFi is a Public Health Hazard" to hear only about the dangers of public WiFi.  If you have concerns about the manner in which you are using public WiFi networks, contact a Foster Swift Business and Tax attorney. 

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