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Business Rap: Ransomware Survival Guide

With cyber attacks on the rise, one in four businesses will be at risk in the near future. Business owners now more than ever, need to take every precaution in the event of a breach.

On December 5, Foster Swift business attorney John Mashni sat down for a discussion with other business professionals on Business Rap, a weekly radio show and podcast featuring Mid-Michigan's brightest business owners and decision makers discussing business trends, challenges and politics affecting employers and business owners.

The topic of this podcast was building a "Ransomware Survival Kit." Ransomware is an internet-based crime perpetrated by hackers who seize a computer or a computer system’s data, and then demand a ransom (usually in the form of bitcoin) in order to unencrypt the data and release it back to the owner. 

John explains that the one important step to prevent a ransomware attack is to have regularly-tested backups in place for your system's data. Often times, either business owners think they have backups in place or only some of the data is backed up. Having backups will take what could have been a catastrophic event and turn it into a minor bump in the road.

Click here to listen on YouTube.  

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John brings a unique perspective to Foster Swift with his practical experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and manager.  He focuses in the areas of business, tax, intellectual property and entertainment.

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