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Business Rap: Preventing Phishing Scams

On January 25, Foster Swift attorney John Mashni sat down for a discussion on Business Rap, a weekly radio show and podcast that features Mid-Michigan's brightest business owners and decision makers discussing business trends, challenges and politics affecting employers and business owners.

The topic of the discussion was "Preventing Phishing Scams." In the next five years, one in four businesses will be affected by a cyber attack. Phishing is a form of cyber attack in which the attacker attempts to lure or trick the victim into an action such as clicking a link and divulging sensitive information. Always be on the look out. If something looks suspicious and you need more information, don't go out of the email you find it in; try to track down the information from a legitimate website.

Mashni explains that every business has valuable information and may not know it. Payments can be redirected and data lost. Education and adopting policies on the types of scams and how best to combat them is of the highest priority from the top of the chain of command on down.

Listen to the full discussion here on Youtube.

Categories: Criminal, Cybersecurity, Did you Know?, Digital Assets

Photo of John W. Mashni

John brings a unique perspective to Foster Swift with his practical experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and manager.  He focuses in the areas of business, tax, intellectual property and entertainment.

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