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Showing 3 posts from December 2017.

Business Rap: Ransomware Survival Guide

With cyber attacks on the rise, one in four businesses will be at risk in the near future. Business owners now more than ever, need to take every precaution in the event of a breach. Read More ›

Categories: Cybersecurity, Did you Know?

Make Sure Your Holiday Gifts Don’t Get You Fined

On December 12, 2017 President Trump signed the National Defense Authorization Act. In part, the Act requires registration of all drones weighing more than .55 and up to 55 pounds, if you plan on flying them outside. Read More ›

Categories: Compliance, Did you Know?, Regulations

Business Rap: Investing in Multi-Family Homes

Whether you are looking at duplexes or massive apartment complexes, investing in multi-family units is entirely different from investing in single-family homes. Read More ›

Categories: Billing/Payment, Compliance, Radio Broadcasts