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The Importance of IT Contract Review

Technology is increasingly becoming an essential component of all industries. This is especially true for the health care industry. As health care providers continue to increase their use of technology, they are asked more and more frequently to enter into software or other IT contracts. Before entering into a contract, no matter the industry, you should always have an attorney review the document.  

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Are you interested in IT Contract Review for another industry? Contact one of our technology attorneys to help you review your agreement before you face unexpected problems or unwanted liability. 

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Software Licenses Do Not Automatically Transfer in a Merger or Acquisition

Software licenses provide businesses with the right to use software programs.  Many of these programs become interwoven into the fabric and function of the company.  As a general rule companies do not own the software they license.  The corollary is that they do not, unless expressly agreed, possess the right to transfer or assign the licensed software they use to a new entity when later involved in a merger, acquisition or internal corporate restructuring.  Read More ›

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