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DOJ Urges U.S. Supreme Court To Approve Warrantless GPS Tracking

The Fourth Amendment protects an individual from unreasonable searches and seizures.  As it stands today, unless an individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy, local and federal law enforcement are not required to obtain a warrant prior to conducting a search. Does a person reasonably expect that law enforcement will attach a GPS tracking device to a vehicle to clandestinely monitor that person’s every movement?  The Department of Justice (DOJ) thinks so. Read More ›

Categories: E-Discovery, Privacy

"Private" Information on Social Networking Websites Deemed Discoverable

In what has become an increasing trend, a plaintiff in a personal injury suit has been ordered to produce otherwise "private" postings on her Facebook and MySpace social networking profiles.  In Romano v. Steelcase, Inc., a New York Supreme Court case, the plaintiff alleged that she suffered serious and permanent injuries after falling off a defect desk chair manufactured by Steelcase.  The plaintiff further claimed that, as a result of these injuries, she was almost entirely bed-ridden.  Read More ›

Categories: E-Discovery, Social Media